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California labor laws require companies to provide a printed, itemized statement with each paycheck that contains specific pieces of information related to that pay period. Pay stub violations occur when employers fail to provide employees with complete or accurate pay stubs. 

Everyone deserves to be compensated for the time that they work, and California employers who refuse to pay employees properly according to state law should be held accountable. 

Since 2002, Baker Law Group, LLP, has helped hundreds of California workers secure compensation for pay stub violations through diligent advocacy and unflinching support. Choose Baker Law Group, LLP, to resolve your disputes and reclaim your rights.

Required Information on California Pay Stubs

Employers’ failure to provide the following information may violate California law

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Pay Stub Violations FAQ

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California Labor Code section 226 sets strict requirements for employee pay stubs. These regulations are intended to empower workers to ensure that they have been paid properly. If an employer fails to provide a complying pay stub, the violations could entitle the employee to recover certain penalties, which can be as much as $100 per employee for each pay period. This can total several thousand dollars per employee over the course of a year.

In practice, many employers who fail to provide employees with accurate, itemized pay stubs are doing so in an attempt to hide the fact that they are not paying the legally required overtime rates to employees.

Additionally, certain industries are more likely to provide non-conforming pay stubs than others. For example, we routinely see that our clients working as mechanics, plumbers, and other piece rate, commission, and “flag rate” employees have claims against the employers related to pay stub violations.

Employers who knowingly and intentionally fail to comply with all of these requirements may have lawsuits filed against them. Employers are subject to pay for any loss experienced from failure to comply with the requirements, which is at least $50 for the first failure and $100 per inadequate pay stub after the first.

Damages are capped at $4,000. However, an employer also is liable for paying for the costs of the lawsuit and attorney’s fees. This type of case is usually brought alongside a claim for unpaid wages or unpaid overtime.

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