National Origin Discrimination

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Collect Damages for National Origin Discrimination in the Workplace

Employers who discriminate against employees on the basis of their national origin in California are violating state law. Employees who are victims often have a potential legal claim that could lead to compensation. 

National origin discrimination can take a variety of different forms in the workplace, some of which can be subtler than others. Pursuing successful litigation requires attorneys who are well-versed in employment law and willing to take on employers who may attempt to deflect or cover up multiple instances of illegal behavior. 

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Types of National Origin Discrimination

Examples of national origin discrimination that may violate California law

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National Origin Discrimination FAQ

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What if I’m facing retaliation for a national origin discrimination complaint?
State and Federal law prohibit employers from unlawful retaliation against employees who oppose national origin discrimination or participate in an anti-discriminatory proceeding, even if they are “at-will” employees. If an employee has been fired in retaliation for engaging in such activities, they may have a claim for wrongful termination in violation of public policy.

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