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Whistleblowing is when a worker makes a complaint that his or her company is violating the law to a government, regulatory, or law enforcement organization. 

If you “blow the whistle” on your company and are terminated or otherwise retaliated against for whistleblowing, you can file a lawsuit against your employer for wrongful termination. 

When you have been wronged by an employer, you deserve a knowledgeable and dedicated legal partner who will pursue justice and compensation on your behalf. Baker Law Group, LLP, will take your side to protect your rights and pursue compensation for retaliatory and illegal actions after a whistleblower complaint.

Violations Commonly Raised By Whistleblowers

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Whistleblowing FAQ

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A whistleblower is typically an employee who talks about a company’s unlawful behavior to someone outside of the organization — most often a government, regulatory or even law enforcement organization. If a worker simply makes a complaint within the organization, that isn’t true whistleblowing. The employee isn’t protected by the same whistleblower laws and regulations, although different regulations may apply. For example, it’s unlawful to terminate a worker for sexual harassment or discrimination complaints, even if those complaints are only made internally.
In the event that the worker has documented the presumably unlawful action to any government, regulatory, or law enforcement organization, he/she is protected from any retaliatory conduct. The company can’t dismiss the staff member for whistleblowing or give the employee any other negative treatment on the job in retaliation. However, this doesn’t mean that the worker can’t be terminated for any reason after whistleblowing. The company may continue to treat the worker similarly to any other worker. In other words, the employee could still be fired from the company, the employee just can’t be fired because for whistleblowing.

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We do not charge for an initial consultation, and Baker Law Group, LLP, takes most wrongful termination cases on contingency, meaning you don’t pay until you win. When you contact Baker Law Group, LLP, we can tell you if a contingency fee structure is right for your case.