Improper Payroll & Wage Deductions

California labor laws govern the types of deductions that employers can make from employee paychecks, however many employers often make improper payroll and wage deductions.

Employers in California can only deduct from employee wages for certain items, including:

  • Income taxes
  • Child Support Wage garnishments
  • IRS Wage Garnishments
  • Insurance premiums
  • Deductions authorized by a collective bargaining agreements
  • Deductions approved by the employee in writing

Employers in California are NOT allowed to deduct the following items from an employee’s pay:

  • Gratuities left by a customer
  • Uniforms
  • Cash shortage
  • Fines for arriving late
  • Business expenses of the company
  • Money related to broken items, stolen item, or other losses that occur while working
  • Medical examinations required by the employer

Actions You Can Take Against Improper Payroll and Wage Deductions

If your employer makes improper payroll & wage deductions from your pay, you are entitled to file a lawsuit against your employer to recover the amounts illegally deducted. Additionally, your employer can be held liable for certain penalties, interest and attorneys fees. If you feel you have been the victim of improper payroll & wage deductions, Michelle Baker can discuss the facts of the case with you, explain the law, and often times represent you against your former current or employer.

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