How Much is My Wrongful Termination Case Worth?

How much your wrongful termination case is worth depends on what the claim is based on. Claims based on tort law such as termination in violation of public policy are usually eligible for the highest amount of damages; these include lost wages (back pay), future earnings, emotional damages (if you were emotionally harmed  by the actions), and punitive damages (to punish the employer). These damages can range from tens of thousands to millions and are often twice as much as cases brought based on violation of a specific statute.

Other types of wrongful termination cases, such as those based on a statute, can also get very broad damages. For example, disability discrimination cases based on California law allow a plaintiff to recover compensatory damages including past and future lost wages, emotional damages, medical payments, and interest on damages. Punitive damages may also be received in these cases. Finally, statutory claims such as disability discrimination usually allow the plaintiff to recover for attorney’s fees and costs of the litigation as well.

Keep in mind that amount of damages available only matters if the employer has enough money to actually pay the damages. Some smaller employers on the verge of bankruptcy or in very weak financial condition will not be able to pay the full amount of damages for wrongful termination cases.

Keep in mind that many attorneys will only charge you based on the settlement or judgment they earn for you. To learn how much your case is worth call the attorneys at Baker Law Group, LLP today at (858) 452-0093 to schedule a free consultation.